EUROM1: European Federation of Optical industries

EUROM1 presentation

The main focus of the EUROM 1 activities is on the legislative process of the European Commission. The central tasks are lobbying, regulatory affairs, customs-, tax- and standardization-topics, market data as well as promoting the importance of “good eyesight” in the population throughout Europe.


EUROM 1 is involved in technical and economic legislative procedures, which support the optical industry and its product groups. The associate members of EUROM 1 are in direct contact with the national governments and the European Commission, with whom they work together on projects addressing the requirements for medical devices (MDD), the labelling of medical devices (UDI) and the chemical requirements (REACH). Next to overlooking the European regulations, there is also a strong focus on monitoring the global requirements for the industry.


EUROM 1 is the European Committee of Ophthalmic Optics Companies representing the interests of European eyewear manufacturers. Currently our members include 7 national trade federations in the EU, representing 635 small and medium-sized enterprises and major international players such as Luxottica and Essilor. EUROM 1 covers a wide range of products and equipment including lenses, frames, sunglasses and contact lenses

EUROM 1 units the optical industry associations of eight countries: AEO (Spain), ANFAO (Italy), FMO (UK), GIFO (France), HAOLM (Greece), OPTICS (Switzerland), SPECTARIS (Germany) and co-opted Member THE VISION COUNCIL (USA).

Oliver Fischbach