EUROM1: European Federation of Optical industries

History of EUROM

The European Federation EUROM was founded in Brussels in 1958. EUROM represents the interests of manufacturers in the European precision mechanical and optical industries in dealings with the EU Commission and other European, national and international institutions.

EUROM 1 is the European Committee of Ophthalmic Optics Companies and represents the interests of more than 700 international enterprises of European eyewear manufacturers representing about 60 0000 people. They cover a wide range of products and equipment  including lenses, frames and sunglasses. Associations from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and Switzerland collaborate efficiently in working group  where important branch topics are discussed and international projects are developed. Thanks to the lobbying activities of EUROM 1, which also campaigns on behalf of its members who are promptly informed about all developments of European legislation.