EUROM I Optical Industries is the European non profit Federation, which brings together the National Associations of Manufacturers of optical lenses (clear, photochromic, tinted), frames, sunglasses and equipment for opticians. It is established in accordance with Belgian law.
Delegates of National Associations of Manufacturers, importers and distributors of ophthalmic optics, which operate in countries of the European Community and other European areas, have been meeting since 1958.

It was decided to form a Federation of National Associations, EUROM 1, to ensure full representation and greater effectiveness in international co-ordination on matters of common interest.

EUROM1 was invited by the General Committee of the European Federation of Precision, Mechanical and Optical Industries to join EUROM .

EUROM1 is however a totally independent group, with direct access to the Commission of the European Communities and with responsibility only to inform the EUROM General Committee of action and policy, as and when necessary.